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LED Pixel Protocol WS2812B


This pixel protocol was designed by World Semi in China. WS2812B offers many of the benefits the WS28xx series is famous for. Typically, users will choose WS2813 or above for higher quality, however WS2812B is still one of the most common protocols for pixel lighting displays. While very similar to its previous version, WS2812, WS2812B offers reverse polarity protection on its power input, and also uses a 4-legged 5050 package, rather than 6. The control circuit and LEDs are integrated in a 5050 SMD package, which provides a small physical footprint for each pixel.

WS2812B pixel protocol - Advatek Lighting

WS2812B pixel protocol


PixLite Mk1

PixLite Mk2

PixLite Mk3

Clock Type


Color Resolution


Current Control

Physical Package

SMD5050 with integrated LEDs 



Input Voltage


Output Pixel Voltage


PWM Rate


Suitable Camera

Unsuitable for cameras 

Data Transfer Rate


Redundant Data Line






390 – 420 mcd 

620 – 625 nm 


660 – 720 mcd 

522 – 525 nm 


180 – 200 mcd 

465 – 467 nm 

Considerations for Use


  • Up to 12V, allowing for long cable lengths
  • Reverse polarity protection, making it more reliable than WS2812
  • Only 4 legs, reducing chance of accidental shorts and making it more flexible than WS2812


  • Data-only restricts refresh rates to be limited by the speed of the protocol, which can be slow
  • Low PWM rate makes theses pixels unsuitable for cameras
  • Only 8 bits of data for each color makes dimming curves less smooth
  • No redundancy in data

PixLite Support

Are you looking for WS2812B pixel drivers that work with Art-Net or sACN?

All PixLite Mk2 and Mk3 products support WS2812B as an available Pixel IC type, so get in touch with us to find out how the lighting specialists at Advatek can support you in your pixel lighting project.

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