Ultimate pixel control for long range installations

The Advatek PixLite® long range pixel controllers exceed modern industry expectations with electrical fault protection on all inputs and outputs across all devices in the range.




PixLite® T8-S Mk3

T8-S Mk3
Long Range

With a data transmission range of 300 meters, this user-friendly long range pixel controller system is the high-impact solution for professional installations.

PixLite® R2F-S

Long Range

The R2F-S has two outputs, connecting to two runs of pixels and the long-range potential allows receivers to be located up to 300 meters away from the transmitter.

PixLite® R4D-S

Long Range

Designed to bring sizable projects to life, the R4D-S receiver works together with the T8-S Mk3 transmitter to drive up to 2,040 RGB pixels for larger-scale installations.