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Look behind some of the world’s best-known and most spectacular shows, installations, exhibitions and events, and the chances are you’ll find an Advatek product driving the magic.

Since being founded in Melbourne in 2012, we’ve been the leading designer and manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced and innovative LED pixel controllers. Advatek controllers have lit up a series of different projects and spaces, from seasonal displays and awe-inspiring architecture, to theme parks and film production.

Every new product and every idea at Advatek Lighting pushes boundaries, while ensuring the customer experience is second to none through dependable designs and industry-leading product warranties. And we do all of this without ever compromising on quality, reliability or service.

Soldering at workbench - Advatek Lighting
Soldering at workbench

Total dedication to our customers. We promise a minimum warranty of 12 months on all products and an industry-leading five-year warranty on all our PixLite® Mk3 products.

Pixel chip manufacturing - Advatek Lighting
Pixel chip manufacturing

Australian made. We proudly design and manufacture our best-in-class pixel controllers locally, distributing globally.

Engineering and software - Advatek Lighting

Engineering and software

Pixel protocols and testing - Advatek Lighting
Pixel protocols and testing

Over 50 LED pixel software protocols are supported by our range of professional pixel controllers.

Advatek Technical Support
Advatek Technical Support

Global certifications for all of professional Mk3 pixel control products, including:

Assembly in SMT Room - Advatek Lighting

Assembly in SMT Room

Vision and values



We care about doing it right


We work as a team to bring out the best in one another


We always look for a better way


We always remember the customer


We strive to be the world's best — it’s up to each of us


We strive for balance; great work and great life

Corporate Brochure January 2024
Corporate Brochure January 2024

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