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UL Safety Standard: Advatek Mk3 Products are now ETL Listed

UL compliant ETL listing for Advatek PixLite®products

ETL Listing by Intertek: Certified to UL Safety Standards

Advatek's ETL listed PixLite® Mk3 controllers now go beyond their own industrial grade fault protection; they are certified and thoroughly tested to a UL Standard for safety and quality assurance. With an ETL listed PixLite® Mk3 controller, Advatek’s brand tradition of quality is more evident than ever before, giving you and your team the peace of mind that you’re using safe products designed and tested to a UL Standard. These new UL Compliant Advatek controllers also come with a 5-year warranty and other marks and compliance (CE, FCC, RCM).

Pixel lighting is continually growing and Advatek controllers are being installed across all facets of the lighting industry. Many sophisticated lighting systems in warehouses and theme parks use Advatek PixLite® Mk3 controllers as the heart of their systems. These are areas where safety and quality is crucial to their operation, making Advatek the perfect choice. High product quality and safety is now assured by a UL standard, meaning that now anyone can take advantage of a professional ETL listed pixel controller. Start designing your project with quality and safety assured and specify a new PixLite® Mk3 system today.

International Certifications

Advatek PixLite® Mk3 pixel controllers meet the following standards:

  • North America: ETL (UL), FCC
  • Canada: ETL (UL), FCC, ICES3
  • Europe: CE, RoHS
  • United Kingdom: UKCA
  • Australia and New Zealand: RCM

International Certifications

International Certifications

PixLite® Mk3 Products

A4-S Mk3

PixLite® A4-S Mk3

Driving up to 24 universes of data, and offering easy mounting, sleek design and electrical fault protection — what’s not to love?

T8-S Mk3

PixLite® T8-S Mk3

With a data transmission range of 300 meters, this user-friendly long range pixel controller system is the high-impact solution for professional installations.

E4-S Mk3

PixLite® E4-S Mk3

The E-series LED pixel controller is made for tighter budgets thanks to its ability to drive up to 24 universes of LED pixel control and route power directly to LEDs.

E16-S Mk3

PixLite® E16-S Mk3

The most cost-efficient 16-output commercial grade pixel controller in the world, the E16-S Mk3 drives up to 96 universes of LED pixel control.


PixLite® R4D-S

Designed to bring sizable projects to life, the R4D-S receiver works together with the T8-S Mk3 transmitter to drive up to 2,040 RGB pixels for larger-scale installations.


PixLite® R2F-S

The R2F-S has two outputs, connecting to two runs of pixels and the long-range potential allows receivers to be located up to 300 meters away from the transmitter.