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Advatek Assistant 3

Advatek Assistant 3 article image

What is Advatek Assistant 3?

Advatek Assistant 3 is a free Windows/macOS/Linux application that allows our customers to discover and manage multiple PixLite® Mk3 (and future) devices within the same installation. This useful tool can discover any device connected to the network, display information about the device and its current status, and provides complete management abilities.

Why create Advatek Assistant 3?

Our customers told us that they wanted to use Linux computers to discover PixLite® devices, and Advatek Assistant 2 software was limited to Windows and Mac users. Now, customers can download Windows, macOS or Linux versions of the software. Additionally, Advatek Assistant 3 features a new and improved interface designed to provide a better user experience compared to Advatek Assistant 2. The software has been designed as a future-proof foundation, allowing us to build powerful new features that have been planned on our Advatek Assistant software roadmap.

Advatek Assistant 3

Advatek Assistant 3

What new functionality does Advatek Assistant 3 have?

Advatek Assistant 3 features a robust new Discovery/Recovery protocol which is far more reliable. This allows for highly reliable communication within the tool, providing our customers with accurate and consistent discovery of devices even across large installations and congested networks. Advatek Assistant 3 brings new capabilities and features including:

  • Linux compatibility
  • Robust new Discovery/Recovery protocol
  • New and improved interface
  • Future-proofed to allow for powerful new features in the software roadmap
  • Optional Autodiscovery
  • Optional Automatic Software Updates
  • Discover devices over multiple network adapters
  • Manage multiple devices at the same time with tabs

What is Advatek Assistant 3 compatible with?

T8-S Mk3

PixLite® T8-S Mk3

With a data transmission range of 300 meters, this user-friendly long range pixel controller system is the high-impact solution for professional installations.

A4-S Mk3

PixLite® A4-S Mk3

Driving up to 24 universes of data, and offering easy mounting, sleek design and electrical fault protection — what’s not to love?

E4-S Mk3

PixLite® E4-S Mk3

The E-series LED pixel controller is made for tighter budgets thanks to its ability to drive up to 24 universes of LED pixel control and route power directly to LEDs.

E16-S Mk3

PixLite® E16-S Mk3

The most cost-efficient 16-output commercial grade pixel controller in the world, the E16-S Mk3 drives up to 96 universes of LED pixel control.


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