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Over 40,000 addressable LEDs needs permanent control

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Over 40,000 addressable LEDs used at Hard Rock Atlantic City

Organisation: Digital Ambiance

Location: Atlantic City, USA

Executive Summary

In early 2018 Digital Ambiance was approached by the lighting design firm Fisher Marantz Stone to help bring to life the animated facade lighting for the new Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.

The concept called for a series of 6 illuminated waves that flowed from one end of the U-shaped courtyard to the other along the inner facade of the courtyard, surrounding the main entrance in ambient light patterns that would reflect the seasonal mood of the Casino.

In the center of the courtyard would be a 12m tall illuminated guitar with 20,000+ pixel mapped strings fabricated by Jones Sign.

Who is Digital Ambiance?

Digital Ambiance is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works at the intersection of architectural, artistic, and experiential environments. With a passion for creating bespoke architainment and permanent theatrical installations, they integrate new technology and custom design to build features that come to life and capture the viewers’ attention and imagination. Based in Berkeley California Digital Ambiance's work covers the globe and shine amongst the world’s best.

The Challenge

A project of this scale required Digital Ambiance to collaborate with Fisher Morantz Stone Lighting Designers and Jones Sign Makers on the guitar centerpiece. Bespoke LED control had to be configured for the guitar strings with over 40,000 addressable LEDs.

The installation would be permanently situated outdoors, requiring a permanent, robust installation for all 365 days in a year. The solution was also required to offer flexibility in design and installation.

Advatek Lighting's Role

Advatek's role started in 2012 when the company began by designing and building highly robust pixel control systems which can handle the harsh dusty deserts at burning man and the freezing temperatures of a Canadian Christmas.

Advatek's reputation for building robust control systems with the lowest dollar/universe cost on the market made it a no brainer for Digital Ambiance to specify Advatek's off-the-shelf Long Range Pixel Control system.

T8-S Mk3

PixLite® T8-S Mk3

With a data transmission range of 300 meters, this user-friendly long range pixel controller system is the high-impact solution for professional installations.


PixLite® R4D-S

Designed to bring sizable projects to life, the R4D-S receiver works together with the T8-S Mk3 transmitter to drive up to 2,040 RGB pixels for larger-scale installations.


After only a few short months of planning, building, designing and collaborating, Digital Ambiance Installed the job in just under 2 weeks.

Advatek controllers were the perfect solution to drive the lighting system for this job. We've been using Advatek products long enough to know that they hold up under extreme conditions and are flexible enough to handle the most complex of setups. The PixLite line is our weapon of choice!

Robb Pope – Founder at Digital Ambiance


Hard Rock Casino and Hotel - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Went Live - July 2018