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LED Pixel Protocol MBI6020


This pixel protocol was designed by Macroblock in Taiwan. Scrambled-PWM technology enhances pulse width modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods. This increases the effective PWM rate, allowing MBI6020 pixels to look good on almost every camera. The control circuit comes in a SOP16 package, allowing for more flexibility with LED choice.

MBI6020 graphic

MBI6020 graphic


PixLite Mk1

PixLite Mk2

PixLite Mk3

Clock Type


Color Resolution

10 Bits 

Current Control

Physical Package




Input Voltage


Output Pixel Voltage


PWM Rate


Suitable Camera

Up to 326fps 

Data Transfer Rate


Redundant Data Line

Considerations for Use


  • Presence of a clock allows for faster refresh rates
  • Very high PWM rate allows for filming these pixels with cameras up to 326fps
  • Up to 12V, allowing for long cable lengths
  • 10 bits of data for each color makes dimming curves more smooth


  • No redundancy in data

PixLite Support

Are you looking for MBI6020 pixel drivers that work with Art-Net or sACN?

All PixLite Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 products support MBI6020 as an available Pixel IC type, so get in touch with us to find out how the lighting specialists at Advatek can support you in your pixel lighting project.

A4-S Mk3

PixLite® A4-S Mk3

Driving up to 24 universes of data, and offering easy mounting, sleek design and electrical fault protection — what’s not to love?

E4-S Mk3

PixLite® E4-S Mk3

The E-series LED pixel controller is made for tighter budgets thanks to its ability to drive up to 24 universes of LED pixel control and route power directly to LEDs.

E16-S Mk3

PixLite® E16-S Mk3

The most cost-efficient 16-output commercial grade pixel controller in the world, the E16-S Mk3 drives up to 96 universes of LED pixel control.

T8-S Mk3

PixLite® T8-S Mk3

With a data transmission range of 300 meters, this user-friendly long range pixel controller system is the high-impact solution for professional installations.