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PixLite® Mk3 E-series: Mighty processing power, great price

PixLite® Mk3 E-series: Mighty processing power, great price

Mighty processing power, great price

The PixLite® Mk3 E-Series pixel controllers are easily the most cost-efficient commercial grade pixel controllers in the world.

Representing the pinnacle of over ten years of engineering experience, we have created a series of controllers that deliver on performance without breaking your budget.

The PixLite® E-series is an economical, but powerful series of pixel LED controllers built upon Advatek’s 3rd generation PixLite® Mk3 processor. Our ground-breaking Mk3 processor uses sophisticated 3rd generation firmware that provides the commands, logic and complex calculations to enable the device to drive the world’s most amazing lighting displays.

As the global semiconductor shortage continues to drive the price of pixel controllers up, our engineers have worked to offset these high costs with the innovative design of the E-series, which represents the best features of the A-series controllers at a price that will suit almost every installation budget.

E4-S Mk3

PixLite® E4-S Mk3

The E-series LED pixel controller is made for tighter budgets thanks to its ability to drive up to 24 universes of LED pixel control and route power directly to LEDs.

E16-S Mk3

PixLite® E16-S Mk3

The most cost-efficient 16-output commercial grade pixel controller in the world, the E16-S Mk3 drives up to 96 universes of LED pixel control.

PixLite E Series vs PixLite A Series


PixLite Series 

PixLite Series 

PixLite Mk3 Processor 

RGB Pixels per output 



Extreme Refresh Rates 

Same processing capability as Series 

Web-based Management Interface 

microSD card slot for Advatek SHOWTime 

Pixels can be powered through PixLite 

Smart Electronic Fusing 

Voltage and Current Monitoring 

Ethernet Speed 

10/100 Mbit/s 


Number of Ethernet Ports 

Universe Data Hardware Firewall 


Approximately 20-30% less cost per output vs Series